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Zara The Tapas Bar & Restaurant
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Sera The Tapas Bar & Restaurant is always bustling with activity and events. Be it live acts by renowned bands from the city or country, game nights, or simply a night of good music, scrumptious food and a soothing ambience , there is always something for everybody at Sera The Tapas Bar & Restaurant. Monday blues, Tuesday musings, Ladies' night on Wednesdays, Retro Thursdays, or the Friday-Saturday weekend partying, Sera The Tapas Bar & Restaurant is the place to be.

Looking for something quieter and more private? Then head to Ole Bar - a private party hall that boasts of luxe interiors, great food and spirited cocktails, located on the first level of Sera The Tapas Bar & Restaurant. Be it a birthday party for a loved one, a fun bachelorette party or just a night out with friends, we make the party special and happening!

Grab a quickie:
The Times Of India ; Chennai; May 13, 2011;
Sera The Tapas Bar & Restaurant has one of the best pub lunches in the city and the new menu promises...


Chicken in garlic and white wine:
The Hindu; Sep 27, 2008;
Cut the chicken into equal bite size pieces. Heat oil in a pan and saute garlic, add...


Viva la Sera The Tapas Bar & Restaurant!:
ET MADRAS PLUS; May 30, 2008;
"Here dear; have a sip of snake wine before you go and hunt that hairy mammoth," the lady of the...


Spanish specials:
The Telegraph;
Grab a bite while shopping as two new restaurant open at South City Mall...


Sera The Tapas Bar & Restaurant goes international:
It was a night of revelry, where fun met frolic and cheer met charity...


Spanish soujourn:
True to its spirit, Sera The Tapas Bar & Restaurant, the Spanish tapas bar celebrated the musical notes of Ojos De Brujo...


Sera The Tapas Bar & Restaurant hatke:
The New India Express;
Sera The Tapas Bar & Restaurant'S, the brain child of M Mahadevan, has played a major role in sculpting Chennai's...


Cheers to Spain:
The Week ; Oct 25, 2005;
Take the stairs adjacent to the Copper Chimney on Cathedral Road...